Top Festivals of India

Diwali - This is one of the major festivals of India and is celebrated amongst every caste and creed. The fest goes for a period of five days and depicts the coming back of Lord Rama after an an exile of 14 years. One fest which could be heard, tasted and seen. Filled with Diyas, Pathakas and Sweets, Diwali is an occassion not to be missed from Indian festival calendar. Since it falls in the months of Oct- Nov, the temperature itself makes its a pleasent experience.

Pushkar Mela- Nothing can be bigger than this! This is the largest camel fair in the entire world, portraying the cultural heritage of Rajasthan state. Practices like " Mathka phod" and "finding the longest moustache" to "camel race" make Pushkar mela exciting for the tourists. Here you would see the true "raw" India, and it must be felt if you are deeply and keenly interested in India.

Dusherra - Also known as Vijay Dashmi, It is one of the popular hindu festival falling in the month of October. It shows the victory of Raja Ram (truth) over Ravana (false deeds). The tenure for this festival is around 10 days. The best part of the festival is the " RAM LILA", a thearetical expression of the entire Ramayana.

Durga Puja - This festival belongs to eastern India, and is majorly celebrated in West Bengal. Jubliated for 9 days, Durga Puja is a revered Hindu festival. Big Pandals mastercrafted by artisians with big Durga Mata idols makes the festival interesting.

Rakshabandhan - This festival is one of its kind, where an ocassion celebrated the bond between a brother and a sister. Sister ties a knot with a thread on her brother arms and in return brother takes an oath to protect her. This fest is also have loads of sweets and new clothes.

Janamasthmi - If there one hindu god who is famous all over the world, Lord Krishna would be the answer and this fest celebrates his birthday. One of the cutest fest of India, where programs are held with kids dressed in Lord Krisha attires. This is a divine festival for Hindus .

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