The CrazY Street FooD of Kolkata

When you walk on the streets of Kolkata (earlier Calcutta), it oozles magnanimous history of the bygone times. The city whispers its secrets and allows you to hold its soul in the plam of your hand. This city has seen a stupendous metamorphosis and has rewritten its culture, taste and society, number of times.

For foodies, the city might come as an amazing delight as every nook and corner of the city has a stall selling some of the lip smacking dishes in the form of Puchka, Papri Chaat, Jhaal Muri, Bhel Puri, Ghoogni and chop. It offers an unending buffet which can only cajole to ask for more. Kolkatan’s enjoys street food as this enables them to be a part of a community in large. They are more social and thus activities like enjoying street food give them more pleasure than any materialistic leisure.

Most of the dishes served as street food are actually prepared infront of you. Street Food of Kolkata epitomises an extensions of their one shelves and fit into the mosaic of Bengali luxuries.

Famous Eat Out Places for Kolkatans are

Lord Sinha Road Outside Ac Market
This is famous place where you can try out the Chana Jor Garam. A favorite place where every Kolkatan’s taste the famous street delight like the puchkas and the papri chaat.

Camac Street Outside Vardan Market

This is the place where you find queues outside the chaat stalls. Also try put the papri chaat and batata puri at the bhel vendor.

Russell Street
If you want cities best Puchkas and chat, Russell street is the one. It comprises popular restaurants of Kolkata. A stone throw away from Park Street, Russel Street lures with an array of palate teasing tucks. Don;t forget to try the famous Ghugni chaat over here spiced with shredded ginger and green chillu with a dash of lime.

Please note : Puchakas are also known as Golgappas in Delhi and Pani Puri in Maharashtra.

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