CNN have developed Six Short films, of 60 seconds each, anchored by an International face. Promoting the essence of ‘ New age India”. These films showcase the wonder called the Incredible India.

Heritage, modern Art, Health and Wellness Golfing Holidays, hip hotels, fashion and lifestyle, are the six beautifully screened films aiming to promote Indian Tourism Industry.

"OUR NATIVE VILLAGE" The first 100% Eco Resort of India

Looking for an eco resort in India? Your search ends as India launches its first pure 100% eco resort “ Our Native Village.” The resort captures a small portion of South India – Hessarghatta which is just f1.5 hr drive from Bangalore.

Here everything is eco.. from electricity ( which is been generated by using solar, wind and bio gas) to swimming pool ( which has aquatic plants to cleanse the water)

Here you could do the funniest of things which you can think off. Flying kites, playing gilli danda ( an Indian version of Cricket) or a long drive on a bullouck cart. Here everything is so different and juvenile, that you actually feel much younger when you leave the resort.

UNESCO on forefront to promote Indian Heritage Sites

India is potpourri of culture and heritage. There are innumerable heritage sites which dotted in different segments of India. Recent News says UNESCO along with Ministry of Tourism and few states have come forward to develop travel packages around the heritage sites

This step has been taken to ameliorate the importance of these sites and to channelize the revenue earned for the betterment of the population living below poverty line. First few sites covered would be Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan and West Bengal.



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