A creepy traveller at Old Delhi

The old city of Shahjahanabad houses a number of reminders of a passed golden era, in its narrow streets. There are a number of mansions (havelies) which still exist as a hallmark of what was once a royal home of the ministers of the state.

On a travel to Delhi, one can not miss on Old Delhi area, where the life still enchants the story of glorious era that the city has lived. Although I was new to the city but tried to find information on internet regarding the tourist destinations here.

Now getting back to Shahjahan's city, I would recommend Old Delhi over the newly developed hip hop city with glittering night life. I think New Delhi lives in much pomp and luxury. The life is fast and hectache there while I am a head shrinker for a city's past.

So, for a traveller like me who is always creepy and enthusiastic about city's origin and bye gone times, Old Delhi is ultimate splendor. So here I am with a walking tour to Old Delhi.

Among the most prominent buildings here Red Fort and Jama Masjid are grand monuments. After visiting these edifices, from southern gate of Jama Masjid, I found a streets that lead me to a commercial street with many cheap restaurants and hotels.

Seeming tempting, I tried some of the local delicacies and believe me, they will water your taste buds as they did mine. And yes there is a huge variety to choose from. If you are able to get friendly with the cook, he can prepare a heritage dish for you, the one which was prepared for Mughal Emperors.

The Chota Bazzar here is full of shops that are owned by same families for centuries. Kool..ain't it? There are bangle sellers, special cloth markets, separate markets for books...ahhhh there is so much here..I couldn't have ever imagined that these narrow lanes can have so much to offer.

One of the busiest places in Delhi, it is actually one and the only well stocked market. From jem stones to used bottle caps, you can find almost everything here. Want to have the first ever edition of a daily newspaper or a newspaper from British era or a coin which is ancient old or an embroider dress for yourself, visit this place of Delhi.

By this time, I had visited only a part of this place but I was so tired and my legs were paining. So I decided to resume my walking tour to Old Delhi. Since I has shopped a lot, with bags full of all my favorites ( at very cheap price), I went back to hotel for a tight sleep in its old rusty bed.

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