Erotic Literature of Ancient India
Author: Sandhya Mulchandani
Publisher: Lustre Press Roli Books

This book gives an exclusive research on subjects like Kamsutra, Koka Shastra, Gita Govindam, Ananga Ranga. Good work and gives insightful account on these ancient texts.

The Island and Tribes of Andaman and Nicobar
Author: Priti Singh
Publisher : Prakash books

This books covers the visual delights of Indian subcontinent. Priti Singh, an avid traveller and researcher, in this book have captured the azure beauty of India which one spectacle in its culture and heritage.

Author: Smita Narang

The book deals with the principles for designing the websites on the fundamentals of Vastu science , so that the person can achieve the maximum benefit in totality.


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anando rocks said...

Good job. I watch a lot of travel programs on different channels. You can write something on them and give recommendations.