What in India??

Adventure : Scream, shout or feel as if this is the last time you have taken your breathe..adventure in India is one helluva thing to try and why not??? If you have Gulmarg, Leh and Ladakh, Goa… adventure cannot be far behind.

– Feel the romance of Indian water as it splashes you mind, body and soul. You would find everything here from small time flea market to shacks. With a sip of coconut water you could actually see the mermaids in bikni’s collect on the shores from different part of the world. All the flirtie s’ have big chance there….

– For devouts, no other destination in the world can be a better than INDIA. Temples, Churches, Mosques…phenomenally integrate on this land. If Goa is for Churches, Ajmer is for Khwaji Mouinddin mosque, while Jammu have Vaishno Devi. I am sure your quest for revelation would be solve here.

Wildlife –“ Tigers Tigers burning bright....”
India is not all about Tigers. Yes it has Corbett, Yes it has Sunderbans too but it also have Kutch Sanctuary which Asia’s largest and of its kind ASS sanctuary. You have Kazianga in Assam which is best known for conserving one horned Rhinos. Don’t you want that you should be surrounded in greens and a sudden roar could make you scream.

Those looking out for cosy honeymoon, a sail through backwaters on Kettuvallams could offer an experience which you would like to relish in later part of your life.

Heritage: Needless to say anything about it. This state is not only rich in monumental heritage but cultural too. Taj Mahal, Khajuraho Temples, India Gate is just a few examples.

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Karan Kapoor said...

Manjari, I think, you shld write in detail abt all these themes as this wld help the readers to know more anbout India

Mansi Verma said...

If not in India, then where?

Saurabh said...

Hey! I liked your article, and I would like to know more about places. Please keep updating your blog for more info

Adwait Deshpande said...

talking of all the genre of travel i think india has it all
but do not kno why it lags in tourism
wat do u think
how about a blog on
what ails indian tourism
keep up the good work