Alfred said " India.....Why?"

Day by day, my friends list is growing and I blame it to Orkut. I have made many overseas friends, who are zealous explorers like me.

Few of them are leading a nomadic life and to my astonishment, neither they are disappointed nor enervated, in fact they love it. Their sole purpose is to DISCOVER.. discover the world. (and if you earn while exploring.. nothing like that)

Though most of them are quite apprehensive about India - " India... why?". (We cannot blame them for this as it is we who are responsible to bring forward our country on World platform.)

Hmmmmm!! When you have Australia on one hand, Europe on other; Canada and Singapore are also not far behind; amidst them why should one chose India as a travel destination.." Land of Snake Charmers".

Is Taj Mahal, the only palpable reason? Not really if we say, you have not one or two but more than 25 World Heritage Sites in India scattered in different parts of its body. This sounds tempting.............

India Ranked 4 th from the Top.

According to the 2006 Readers' Travel Awards announced by the Conde Nast Traveller UK, India has been ranked as the 4th most preferred destination in the world. India has moved to the fourth slot from the 10 th in just three years.

Applauding India's success, Minister of Tourism and Culture, Ambika Soni, said, "India's positioning and branding as the destination of choice for the discerning traveller is evident. We are focusing on infrastructure to create a unique experience for tourists visiting India. We are confident that in the coming years, India will emerge as the number one tourism destination in the world. "

Source: Indian Travel Trendz

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