Know India

INDIA – A variegated abode with lush grean meadows, majestic mountains, and tranquil beaches calls nature lovers to unfold this wonder land. The state presents eye candy locales and an age old cultural heritage on display.

Carrying on her shoulder 5000 year old civilization have made INDIA a unique destination for globe trotters.

How Insane I was
To look out for something more pristine
Though I knew
INDIA was mine!!!

Copyright @ Manjari


Aditya said...

gr8 usage of video.. i like the work.

Jaidip said...

Hi Manjari,

I can't help but appreciate you on your endeavor to put colorful India on your canvass.
Thanks on behalf of every Indian.

New Delhi

Manjari said...

Thanks a lot Jaidip! I would be adding on much more information on this blog.

Adwait Deshpande said...

yes indeed
i compliment u on the use of video and writing to promote our indian culture
u seem to be a well travelled person