Wooh la la… Amchi Mumbai

Over a period of time, Tourism in India has changed dynamically in its dimensions. No more, the word tourism is related with destination, in fact; now people have started seeing India in a different perspective.

New themes like Medical and Sports, have already made India outshine many developing countries of the world. The latest on the edition is Bollywood. Yes! “Amchi Mumbai,” which casts its magic on the people of different ages, creed and culture.

If you are fascinated by the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, then our own Bollywood holds the magic card to lure many Asians across the world.

Actors like Nassiruddin Shah, Aishwarya Rai, Amitabh Bachhan, Sharukh Khan have crossed the Indian boundaries to acclaim a respective position for Indian film Industry. Working as Brand Ambassadors, they have already done a lot to make every Indian proud of themselves.

Recent act of Angelina Jolie trotting Pune streets is a perfect example how India has transfused its image from the land of Snake Charmers to Land of Sparkling Stars. With the advent of new technologies in the Indian film Industry, it won’t be far when you would see Tom Cruise doing “ Khaike Pan Banaras wala” (anybody on earth wld love to see Tom cruise doing the Don act !!!!)

Aha… till then we have to wait… Hail Mumbai….


Anonymous said...

Yes I do agree. It won't be far behind when Hollywood actors would be on Mumbai road.

Manjari said...

Yeah,the celebrity couple also visited jodhpur..

Now India wld soon form a great platform for foreign travellers

Joseph said...

Ya.. I know she is there for some movie...