Chug Along The Path Of Discovery- Darjeeling Himalayan Train

The Darjeeling Himalayan Train (DHR) invokes a fanciful imagination of the enticing countryside and of exotic journey amidst the nature. Linking New Jalpaiguri - Darjeeling, the toy train meanders through the maze of hills and valleys and successfully captivate the mind and the soul of travellers with the awesome beauty. As you chug along this 88 km route up the mountains, you will be able to capture the scenic beauty of the countryside and perhaps acquaint with the region's art, history and culture. The pace at which Darjeeling train chugs along, some how suggest a gental zephyr. The unhurried pace of the train is the biggest asset that makes it really special amongst the other counterparts.

The grandeur of this toy train have fascinated many travellers including the Great American writer, Mark Twain, who described his journey as "The most enjoyable day I've spent on earth is of mixed ecstasy of deadly fright and unimaginable joy" . We are sure, by now you must have got some effigy of the magnificent train but a mere image is not enough. In order to understand the splendor, you must travel in the great toy train that will take you along the path of nature into the beautiful world above.

Being accorded as the World Heritage Site, the train promises a fulfilling experience. The train has two coach - 1st class coach that can accommodate 12-17 passengers while the second class can seat 30. The most exhilarating part of the journey is the five switchbacks or the 'Z' reverses and the Batasia Loop. Batasia loop (between Ghum and Darjeeling station) adds charm to the beauty of journey as it offers picturesque locales to be captured in camera. Definitely a delight for photographers!!

The brainchild of English men Franklin Prestige, the train still operates with the original steam engine. The train has set a remarkable example in the field of engineering and has become an inspiration for many engineers of present day.

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Destination Covered
New Jalpaiguri-Tindharia-Sukna-Rangtong-Chunbati-Ghum-Darjeeling.
Speeed Between 10 and 15 kmph .
Time Taken Eight hours.


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