Paper Mache From Kashmir

When you enter any of the exhibition or a handicraft Mela, there are few things that instantly capture your attention. From Rajasthan - the tie and dye products, sarees from West Bengal, and Paper Mache from Kashmir.

Paper Mache is the most popular art form in Kashmir. A mere glimpse of the multi colored balls or the colorful boxes
will fascinate you and inculcate a desire to purchase them.

At first instance, all papièr mâchè objects look roughly the same, but the difference in price depends on the quality of the product.

Process Involved in Making of Paper Mache Product.
The products requires an extensive process in formation. The paper is soaked in water till they degenerated and then mixed with an adhesive like glue or fevicol. The mushy products is then kept in moulds, till the time they dry. Paper that has been pounded to pulp has the smoothest finish in the final product. Most of the objects for paper mache work are made in three dimensions for which different types of moulds are made in wood and brass.

There are two different ways of forming the paper mache - The Sakhtsazi (making the object) and the Nagashi ( painting the surface). Then these products are painted with bright colours. The design may vary but then they form an ultimate product. gold, blue are few colors in which they are painted. The colors used on these products are vegetable mineral dyes in pigment and stone form. Influence by Persian art, the design are in the form of flowers and birds.

Among other rich designs are 'Arabesque', done in gold against a brown or red ground to show sprays of rose blossoms in fine lines and 'Yarkand', an elaborate design built up in spirals with gold rosettes radiating from various centers and white flowers laid over gold scroll work

Paper Mache Products
Gumbooya (Gavala) , Baribunma, Jukurrpa, Tjapukai are the different types of Paper Mache boxes that can used for various purposes like jewellery box.

Resource File
Paper Mache products are available at any handicraft shop. They form a special attraction in Surajkund Mela or International Trade Fair. You can also purchase them from Delhi Haat in Delhi.

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