Dharamshala Travel Guide

Dharamshala, a quaint beatific hill stations of Kangra district in Himachal Pradesh, is one of the many hill stations in India, that garners attention of Foreign and Domestic Travellers. Located in the heart of Dhauldhar, Dharamshala call itchy feets to explore the best of Himalayan terrain.

Surrounded by Pine trees, Dharamshala is home of Dalai Lama and is known as the “Little Lhasa in India”,
Dharamshala was a special retreat British and their troops.

Why to Visit Dharamshala?

Kangra Valley:
It is one of the most beautiful valleys of Dharamshala. It has the most fascinating rail network of the region. Kanga valley isthe name given to the entire region that lies between the Dhauldhar range. There are only few places that could match the beauty of this place.

Dal Lake:
Dal Lake is one of the most famous attracctions of Dharamshala. It is the second largest lake in Jammu and Kashmir state. There is an annual fest which is held in the month of September on the banks of Lake. The lake is considered sacred as assumed that dip in Dal lake removes misery.

War Memorial :
Located 17 kms from Dharamshala town, War Memorial is perched amidst the forests and is surrounded by many eating joints and restaurant.

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