Major Tourism Themes in India

India is a South Asian Republic country. It is the seventh largest country in the world and known also the second populas country. Every year, millions of tourist visit India for various purposes. Some are seeking for leisure while other are interested in exploring its cultural and heritage. India offers something or other other to every discerning traveller visiting India for pleasure. The state adheres to it slogan – Athithi Devo Bhavo’ ( Guest is God) .

Some of the major travel themes which cover India are :

Adventure: For adventure freaks, this land offers aderanalin pumping activities which include trekking, Whitewater rafting, Camel safari. Each activity in India is an experience to withhold.

Pilgrimage: Under this theme, a tourist would be able to cover all the revered sites of India. Some of the famous sacred sites of India are Ajmer Sharief, Vaishni Devi , Tirupati Balaji. You would be able to cover all the pilgrimage sites and destinations in India. There are very few travel agents who offer pilgrimage tourism in India. Pilgrimage is one of the famous sites which renders this service to travellers

Beach : India is surrounded by water bodies at its lower end and boast some 7,000 km coastline which includes some of the famous beaches of India. Soaking your soul in cool charasmatic breeze from sea or sipping coconut water with a body massage at shore surely give an idea of leisure holidays in India.

Culture and Heritage:
We can either seggregrate them into two or we can make them into one. Culture and Heritage of India is much vast as it appears. If you choose this theme, you would rezendovous with India’s culture in depth. Each step you take and each stone you turn, would unfurl a saga of yesterdays Each day would narrate a history of majestic India. This theme by and large is favourite of Foreign tourists as they are able to see some of the great heritage of India, enscapsulated in the form of monuments , forts and palaces.

Wildlife: India is a panoramic wildlife destinations. India boast around 90 national parks and 482 wildlife sanctuaries and is a home to many endangered wildife species in the world.

Some of The New Travel Themes :

This is definitely a new travel theme and again is not easily available with Indian travel agents. is one site that offers ecotourism in India. Often confused with wildlife, the role of ecotourism is underplayed.

Medical Tourism: India offers cheap medical treatment in some of the highly specialized hospitals. It has emerged as new medical destinations simly because of the affordability it offers to medical tourists. Studies conducted have shown phenomenal difference between the price range of European countries and India.

MICE: MICE tourism is a new buzzword in India and stands for Meeting Incentives Conferences and Events. Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Chandigarh are few of the perfect destinations of MICE.

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