Evolution of Hotel Industry With Rise of Medical Tourism

About fifty years ago, hoteliers began to sense that the market for hosting meeting and conferences was blossoming and there were profits to be made from growing demands of this relatively new growth segment of the hospitality industry. Some hotels are generating more than 70% of their income from meeting services and it is difficult to find a full service hotel that doesn't seek some slice of this profitable business.

For hotels which have thought through how to meet the need of the medical traveler. This market segment may provide some blessed relief if both business and travel numbers flatten or decrease.

Such hotel strategy may take several forms, depending upon the type of medical treatment most commonly being saught in a particular region. The one that is currently most familiar with hoteliers is that of a luxury spa, offering wide range of traditional or alternative therapies such as Ayurveda, Herbalism, Acupunture, Meditation and Yoga.

This may be incorporated with 'lifestyle treatment'. However when the traveler is seeking more serious medical attention, the most common emerging model is that of a hotel as a facility serving the medical tourist briefly before medical treatment and longer during the convalescence process prior returning to home. In essence, the hotel is aftercare facility, as the guest moves from medical facilities while his or her strength returns, healing occurs, and family members supplements the medical travel experience with tourism and relaxation.

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